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Our brand new Vortex Air Popper is the latest innovation in the popcorn industry!

Due to applied Robolabs patented “Vortex” air popping technology, popcorn kernels are rapidly heated, popped, and immediately “vortexed” away from the hot zone.

Since the time in the hot zone is so short, our air-popped corn is both crunchy and tender, a melting-in-the-mouth treat. No oil is needed for popping, so there will be no concern about health hazardous trans fats in your product. Flavorings and seasonings can be applied after popping to give the snack a great taste and aroma. Get in touch with us today to talk about our Patented Vortex Air Popcorn machine!

How does Vortex Popcorn™ machine work?    

 The first RoboLine (up to 500kg/h)

What’s the difference?

In other currently used industrial dry poppers, unlike Robopop®, popped kernels stay much longer inside the overheated hot air suspension zone ; turning into tough, chewy, similar to Styrofoam stuff.

By implementing vortex technology we’ve made Robopop® machines absolutely different from other dry poppers.

In Robopop®, popped kernels are immediately withdrawn from the hot zone by vortex air stream, turning into a crunchy delicious snack

If you are interested in the difference between dry and wet poppers - go to this link please. 

Say "YES" to gourmet popcorn!

Our RoboSugar and SugarLips coaters make delicious caramel & cheese popcorn. Pairing perfectly well with Robopop® machines, they in fact make up a complete caramel/cheese corn plant. Using a combination of these machines, we ourselves produce perhaps one of the best gourmet popcorn snacks in Russia in our own facility in Moscow under "CorinCorn" brand name.

We are happy to share our knowledge with our dealers who might like to improve their business on the local food market. Popcorn is a light product, mostly air.

Therefore, its long-distance delivery is unprofitable - that's why local manufacturers of gourmet popcorn will always win!

Our other factory manufactures accessories and supplies for popcorn. This enables our dealers not only to sell the equipment, but offer supplies and accessories as well. This makes an excellent business opportunity, because accessories and supplies are always in demand. 

Due to exchange rates, labor costs and large output of production, our accessories are very competitive price wise even for long distance export. The offer of a combination of innovative equipment with a wide range of accessories makes Robolabs a good partner for business professionals in gourmet popcorn & concession business. If you are interested in using Robolabs equipment in venues, concessions or in your gourmet popcorn manufacturing, click here.

What is the difference between Robolabs equipment and conventional cooker coaters?

The key RoboSugar advantage consists in its ability to automatically separate and cool caramel corn. Moreover, due to a principally different kettle suspension, it has become extremely easy for the operator to handle it. The machine has a simple and intuitively understandable interface. By combining Robopop with RoboSugar, the customer can easily get rid of human factor cut labor costs and get a consistent quality product.

Robopop machines are designed on the basis of a new patented technology, protected by EU and US patents and have no analogy in international market.

Our equipment is successfully operating in Russia, Italy, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Emirates, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries. Robolabs equipment is installed in the biggest Russian movie chains, such as Karo, Formula Kino, Luxor, Kinomax and others; in CinamonCinema Estonia; in VOX-cinema Dubai; in Dinamica Filmica Sa De CV Mexico chain; in Prime Cineplex Mongolia.

Our equipment is built in a plant which is part of Business Russia Group of Companies. Thanks to its close location to Moscow and advanced manufacturing, RoboLabs guarantees fast order implementation together with flexible and individual approach to our clients.