"Air" or "wet" popcorn

Up to the recent times the world has known (and has been using) two classic technologies of popping corn - wet (in oil) and in the stream of hot air. Now that we have Robopop®, we have a new one - Vortex.

Тypical representatives of the "oil" type

Let us review the traditional ways, their pluses and minuses. It is common knowledge that wet popping results in a tender and tastier product. It happens because popcorn, having been popped, immediately leaves the kettle without having been subjected to high temperature for a long time. But wet popping manufacture is not high scale, uses 30-50 percent more oil compared to hot air popping: oil evaporates, burns out and is considerably wasted in popping. Furthermore, corn popped in oil is not healthy, because the process takes place in the overheated and burning oil, consequently "wet" popcorn partially shares all the problems pertaining to all deeply fried foods.

Typical representatives of the "air" type

Air popping has its own advantages: first, it makes high volume manufacture possible, second, it is more technological and can be fully automatic. But as was said earlier, due to puffer's constructive features most of popped corn after popping is staying inside the chamber at 200 - 240 Centigrade which makes tender porous starch hard and chewy. Further treatment of air popped corn with oil or butter makes it taste better, but compared to wet popcorn it loses its taste.

Vortex technology

Vortex popping, applied in Robopop®, conveniently combines all the advantages of both methods and is devoid of their drawbacks. Why does it happen? At Vortex, the heat , necessary for popping, comes from the heated air, but the popped corn is immediately vortexed away from the chamber, literally in milliseconds, without being subjected to high temperatures for a long time. As a result, the corn after having been coated with butter, cheese or caramel is as tender and as tasty as after wet popping. Besides, Vortex technology is easily turned into automatic one, most Robopops ® are either fully automatic, or semi automatic and require minimum involvement of operators. And lastly, similar to regular hot air popping, vortex technology saves 30 percent of oil.

Right from the moment, when the first Robopop® Mark3 model showed up on the market, our key customers  - movie theaters - immediately appreciated the advantages of hot air vortex method.

At present, we are manufacturing a new Robopop® 60 product line  (Mark 4), which will permit  to  make  two types of popcorn:  salty and basic (for further caramel coating) to better meet all the movie theater concession requirements. 

New generation - Robopop® 60

As is known, the main movie theater audience is families with kids. Contemporary parents are very selective in what they buy for their kids. Robopopped popcorn meets the highest  standards: natural, crunchy, very well flavored and seasoned, not greasy, really mouth watering.

For those who are concerned with calories and high heated oils, we suggest a technology which takes care of that and at the same time makes the production very cost effective. Automatically regulated, amount wise, oil application on popped corn cuts both the caloric content of the snack and its cost. 

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