Presently, several Vortex Popcorn™ models, these are Robopop and Minirobo with different output are available. Popcorn in those models leaves the hot chamber right away after popping. As a result the popcorn avoids any exposure to high temperature, which helps to retain its full taste and flavor.
Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop®
Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop® Fully automatic popper, provides consistent and highest quality product. Innovative popping technology excludes the impact of human factor. Recommended for multiplexes and commercial production.
Caramelizer RoboSugar and SugarLips
RoboSugar and SugarLips caramel coaters These Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop® cooker mixes are tailored for caramel and cheese coating of popped corn. Highly reliable and moderate in price. Recommended for commercial production and multiplexes.
Popcorn Display Warmers
Popcorn warmers Heated and lighted counter and floor showcases for popped corn. Their interior space may have separate compartments for multiple corn flavors.
Additional equipment Other coaters of Robopop® series. This equipment permits to apply various popcorn flavors, such as buttered oils, salt, powdered sugar, cheese and other savory mixtures.