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Vortex Popcorn™ machines Robopop® is new generation of popcorn machines. This machines made based on new patented technology "Vortex Popcorn™":  popcorn grains rapidly heated, popped and vortexed away from the hot zone immediately after popping. That's why the thermal impact is very short - it saves the taste of the product and makes it healthier. Also, there is no oil needed to pop the grains in Vortex technology. It means that "air"-pop does not contain any trans fats. The oil is used at the final stage to give the finished product a taste and aroma. This technology called Vortex Popcorn™ and patented in the US, Europe and other countries.

How does Vortex Popcorn™ machine work?

Popcorn kernels are evenly distributed over the parabolic bottom of the machine internal chamber. The vortex of hot air flow inside the chamber provides constant corn rotation around the chamber axis and its simultaneous agitation. This process provides fast and uniform popcorn kernels heating and immediate popping. Vortex air stream inside the chamber instantly withdraws popped corn from the hot zone profoundly improving popcorn taste and quality.

What’s the difference?

In other contemporary big hot air poppers, unlike Robopop®, popped kernels stay for some time inside the overheated work chamber; this makes them tough, chewy and similar to styrofoam.

By implementing vortex technology we’ve made Robopop® machines absolutely different from other hot air poppers. In Robopop® popped kernels are immediately taken away from the hot zone by vortex air stream, as a result popcorn is crunchy, tender and full of taste. 

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Say "YES" to gourmet popcorn!

Our caramelizers RoboSugar and SugarLips make delicious caramel & cheese popcorn. Pairing perfectly well with Robopop® machines, they in fact present a finished caramel corn plant. Using a combination of these machines, we produce perhaps one of the best gourmet popcorns in Russia at our own factory in Moscow under the brand "CorinCorn". We are happy to share our knowledge with dealers who can improve their business on the local food market. Popcorn is a light product consisting mostly of air. Therefore, its long-distance delivery is unprofitable - that's why there is still a lot of space in the world for local suppliers of gourmet popcorn!

Another our factory produces raw materials for popcorn production line. So the dealer gets the opportunity not only to sell equipment, but also raw materials too. This is an excellent business opportunity, because the sale of raw materials occurs constantly! Due to the exchange rates, labor cost and a large volume of output, the price of our raw materials remains competitive even for long distance export. The combination of innovative equipment and own raw materials base makes Robolabs a good partner for professionals in the gourmet popcorn & concession business. If you are interested in how to use Robolabs equipment in a movie bar or create your own factory of gourmet popcorn, click here.

What is the difference between Robolabs equipment and conventional cauters and caramelizers?

The key RoboSugar advantage consists in its ability to automatically separate and cool caramel corn. Moreover, due to the principally new kettle suspension, it is extremely easy for the operator to handle it. The machine has a simple and intuitively understandable interface. Using a combination of Robopop and RoboSugar, the customer can get off the "human factor", reduce labor costs and get a product of constant quality.

Robopop machines are designed on the basis of a new patented technology, protected by EU and US patents and have no analogy in international market.

Our equipment is successfully operating in Russia, Italy, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Emirates, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries. Robolabs equipment are installed in the biggest Russian movie chains, such as Karo, Formula Kino, Luxor, Kinomax and others; in the CinamonCinema Estonia; in the main VOX-cinema Dubai; in the movie chain Filmica Dinamica Sa De CV Mexico; in the Prime Cineplex cinema Mongolia.

Our equipment is created at a manufacturing facility of Business Russia Group of Companies. Thanks to close factory location and advanced production systems, RoboLabs guarantees quick order implementation and flexible and individual approach to our clients.

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